Sterling Cemetery Management Software

Cemetery, Mortuary and Crematory management

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Sterling Crematory Management

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  • Mortuary Service Companies and Crematories process cases easily with Sterling Crematory management software.  Enter the First Call when the call comes in with an easy screen for entering all the information about the person, the informant and the case. 
  • See a sampleBrand new design allows the crematory to enter sales items during the call. The sales goes to the back office person who verifies the sales and bills the Mortuary.
  • See a sampleDisplay all the cremations in process on a TV screen.  Make sure your staff knows which cases are Hazardous or has a Pacemaker.
  • See a sampleLog Ship-in information
  •  See a sampleAs the case is worked on, your staff can update the information directly into the list of cases.
  • See a sampleAttach, save and reprint unlimited scanned documents
  • See a sampleForms are created with Crystal Reports so you can work with Custom Data Staff to make sure you can print whatever forms you need as you process the case.
  • See a sampleLog ship out information to make sure the final resting place is taken care of.
  • See a sampleEasily print all your lables to a lable printer