Sterling Cemetery Management Software

Cemetery, Mortuary and Crematory management

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Sterling Cemetery Management

  Click the See a sample to see how easy it is to find a loved ones grave or available spaces.

  • Unlimited Owners per property space

  • Unlimited Burials per property space

  • See a sample   Placement plans are supported so that you can take orders for flowers, flags, wreaths or whatever you sell for specific holidays.  We make it easy for you to place them by giving you a report, and by showing you where they go on the map.

  • See a sampleProperty transfers helps you keep track of previous owners

  • Define your cemetery exactly like your maps.  No coding necessary.

  • See a sampleAttach pictures of your markers and connect unlimited pictures and scanned documents to each property space.

  • Look at thisEvery Sterling system includes a Phone AP that connects to your database.  Look at thisSalespeople can use their phones when out in the yard with the family to easily find Available spaces.  Look at this Grounds keepers can look up a persons name on their phone when someone asks.  When Latitudes and Longitudes are stored, the phone shows where the grave is as well.

  • Look at thisKiosk and Web site Interface                                     

  • See a sampleEven people who don't enter any data,  can easily find what they are looking for.    A special Cemetery lookup system is designed for query only.     

  • See a sampleEasily create work orders for your grounds people.  Zoom into your live linked map and show them who is buried near the site.  Print single Burial arrangments, or a group of them by the date range.

  • See a samplePrint single deeds, or all the deeds for a date range.

  • See a sampleUnlimited notes for each property space.

  • GIS Maps have an Earth view overlay to give you the ability to see an aerial view of your entire cemetery, and the layout of each section.  Zoom all the way in, to see the actual burials.