Sterling Cemetery Management Software

Cemetery, Mortuary and Crematory management

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About Custom Data Systems Inc.


Sterling Software was created by Custom Data Systems Inc. (CDSI), a Washington Corporation based in Spokane Washington.

CDSI has worked to satisfy the needs of small and large companies to transition from paper systems or older computer systems to newer technologies since 1990.

CDSI works with companies all over the United States, Canada and Hawaii.


Your data can be converted!  We can convert from HMIS, Pontum, MBS, Phoenix, CemSoft and many others!  Then your data will reside in a secure SQL Database that we believe belongs to you.


About Sterling Management Software


The Classic version of Sterling Software has been installed in Cemetery and Mortuary Companies all across the United States, Canada and Hawaii since 1996. 


The new Web browser based version started rolling out in 2011. 


Sterling Management Software is a Web browser based system which uses a Microsoft SQL Server Relational Database.  We set up your own Web site where you can access Sterling from any Computer, including Windows Computers, Macintosh, Tablets, Ipads, or Phones.


Custom Data Systems also offers a Cloud based solution which is the most economical solution since it eliminates the need for an on-site Server.  When Sterling is Cloud Based, you can access Sterling from anywhere that you can reach the internet.


Instead of logging everything on cards, in books and in file folders, you will enter it into a laptop or tablet computer as you meet with families.  The information is immediately accessible by anyone else in your company who needs to process the case further.


Sterling Software is an affordable solution for companies of all sizes.


We understand that you might really like your old card files, ledger books and ancient computer programs, but some day you will need to upgrade....